CDL 600 AIS Class A/Inland Transponder

The VDL 6000 transponder can function either as an AIS Class A transponder or as a combined AIS Class A/Inland transponder, depending on its factory configuration (each variant can also be configured as a ‘receive only’ unit).


The VDL 6000 transponder interconnects with existing onboard sensor equipment such as GNSS, Gyro and optionally a Rate of Turn (ROT) gyro via the sensor interfaces. From these sensors information on position, COG, SOG, ROT, heading etc. is sent to the transponder and compiled into position report messages, which are broadcast regularly on the VHF data link.
The transponder also supports broadcast and addressed transmission of text messages, and distribution of other types of information serving as a generic data link.

The transponder supports connection to other onboard equipment, such as an ECS/ECDIS system, in order to display the received data in a clear way. This requires however that the external equipment supports AIS information.

The VDL 6000 transponder provides additional interfaces for configuration and maintenance purposes, connection of a long-range communication device and a Pilot’s laptop.

The VDL 6000 transponder is type approved:


  • By Bundesamt für Seeschiffahrt und Hydrographie (BSH) in Germany with a module B certificate according to the European MED directive 96/98/EC. The MED directive refers to the IMO resolution MSC.74(69) Annex 3 requirements for SOLAS ships.
  • By Fachstelle der WSV für Verkehrstechniken (FVT) in Germany according to Inland AIS standards.
  • By Telefication in The Netherlands with a FCC certification (FCC ID: Y83 VDL 6000-4X) in accordance with FCC requirements for radio communication equipment for the maritime service.