PS - 103 - 7A power supply

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Main Features:

Power supply unit PS-103-7A
is intended for supply various
ship and industrial equipment
with the unstabilized voltage of
a direct current 24 V.

Small overall dimensions and
easy-to-use fastenings provide
its simple placing and

For the devices requiring power
supply of the higher power,
"Unicont SPB" company
produces more powerful
modifications of this device:
PS-103-20A (500 W) and PS-
103-12A (300W)

Technical Description:

  • Input voltage: 110/220VAC
  • Output voltage: 24 VDC
  • Nominal power: 170 W
  • Maximum power: 200 W
  • Nominal load current: 7 A
  • Maximum load current: 8,5 A
  • Automatic switching over
    to backup power supply.

Electrical Characteristics:
Input voltage
Output voltage
Nominal load current
Maximum load current
Nominal power
Maximum power
Maximum pulsation
110/220 VAC
24 VDC
7 A
8,5 A
170 W
200 W
no more 0,5 V

Automatic switching over to backup power supply in the failure of a input voltage. Galvanic isolation of the input circuit from the output circuit

General Characteristics:

Protection index
Working temperature
Storage temperature
Overall dimensions
4.5 kg
IP 22

On the basis of relay’s “dry  contacts” closing/breaking
(maximum current - 6 A, maximum voltage - 250 V)*

*In order to provide visual and sound signaling AU-106 can be connected to present alarm output


     Type approval certificate of
     Russian Maritime Register
     of Shipping