DR - 109 Universal digital repeater


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Main Features:

Universal digital repeater DR-109 is intended for NMEA
0183 messages visual display (received from NMEAsources).

Easy tuning to any kind of NMEA data (speed, rate of turn,
heading, travelled distance) is the main DR-109 advantage.

Two available serial interfaces of the device (RS-232 and
RS-422/485) lighten its integration.


Technical Description:

  • Displayed NMEA 0183 messages number:
    more than 20.
  • Serial display possibility up to three separate NMEA
    0183 data types on the built-in LED display.
  • Display’s brightness tuning (embedded dimmer).
  • 2 input channels (RS-232/RS-422 interfaces).
  • 10 stored user’s profiles variants.
Device’s interfaces:
Interface type:

RS-232 N RS-422 (2 input channels)
up to 115200 bps

2 inputs RS-232 and RS-422 with
backward channels to outputs A1 and B1

All inputs and outputs are optoisolated

Receiving NMEA 0183 data:


xx - any source of NMEA 0183 data
  Main feautures:

Serial display up to three individual NMEA 0183 data
messages on the built-in LED display.

Rate of turn (ROT) independent displaying on the
built-in LEDs bar.

Up to 10 stored variants of user’s profiles (saved in
non-volatile device´s  memory)

Embedded display´s brightness regulator (dimmer)

General Characteristics:
Power voltage:     
Working temperature:
Storage temperature:
Overall dimensions: 
18..36 VDC 
1,5 kg


     Type approval certificate of
     Russian Maritime Register
     of Shipping