Class B AIS Transponder

ExNC presents the world smallest class B AIS system!


R&TTE Declaration 

The PCB footprint is 100 mm x 100 mm only. Maximum height 20 mm.
The ExNC 101 series of class B AIS transponders receives all AIS messages from SOLAS vessels carrying Class A AIS systems, from base stations operated by authorities (coast guard, customs, police, military etc.), from buoys equipped with AtoN  AIS in your VHF range and thereby gives an overview of AIS equipped traffic. The class B AIS transponder also transmits AIS messages and tells other participants in the AIS network about your position, call sign, course and speed. This system supports your safety at sea by reducing the chance of collision.
The ExNC 101 series class B AIS transponders are designed, manufactured and tested according to

  • IEC 62287-1
  • ITU-R M.1371-2
  • IEC 61162-1/-2
  • IEC 60945
  • IEC 61108



We at ExNC are designing and manufacturing the most convenient plug & play class B AIS transponder. Once programmed you just plug in the VHF and GPS antenna and you can participate in the AIS community.