Ch - 105 automatic battery charger


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Main Features:

The automatic battery charger CH-105 is used to charge ship’

Soft and handy tuning of device’s output current and voltage, its high maximum power allow to use the device with ship’s batteries up to 200 A*h of capcity.

Easy-to-use fastenings provide its simple placing and installation.

Technical Description:

  • Input voltage: 220/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Charging voltage: adjustable 9..30 VDC
  • Maximum charging current: 20 A
  • Normal batteries’ capacity: 40..200 A*h
  • Charging voltage and current indication on the built-in LED-display
  • Embedded sound and visual signaling
 Electrical Characteristics:

Input voltage:

Floating charging voltage:

Maximal charging current:

Normal batterie capacity:

Normal charging time:

220/230 VAC
50/60 Hz

Adjustable 9..30 VDC

Adjustable up to 20 A

40-200 A*h

no more 10 hours

Device operation:
Device’s automatic and manual power-on/power-off
Charging voltage and current adjustment with the
help of the embedded keyboard.

Relay’s “dry contacts” closing/breaking, and embedded
sound and visual signaling* 
*To provide visual and sound signaling device ADU-106
can be connected to this alarm output

Two LEDs indicators to display charging voltage and current values. 3 LEDs for device’s current state indication: charging, normal, failure.
General Characteristics: 
Working temperature:
Storage temperature:
Overall dimensions:
no more than 12 kg
Automatic overload and short circuit protection.


     Type approval certificate of
     Russian Maritime Register
     of Shipping