ADU - 202 amplifier - distributor unit



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Main Features:

ADU-202 is a brand-new NMEA 0183 amplifier distributor
device produced by “Unicont SPb” company.

The device can operate both in usual amplification 
distribution mode with high baudrate, and in combining
mode. It provides universality and easy integration.

Integrated backward channel lightens the device's
installation and integration.


Technical Description:

  • 2 inputs: active channel manual or automatic selection.
  • 8 outputs RS-232 and 8 outputs RS-422/485
  • 2 output ports have the backward channel
  • Baudrate: up to 230400 bps
  • 5 operating modes (including combining mode)
  • Indication: operating mode, data receiving and
    transmission, current active channel

Input characteristics:


Input interfaces:

up to 230400 bps

2 inputs RS-232 and RS-422 with
backward channels to outputs A1 and B1

All inputs and outputs are optoisolated
Output characteristics:

Output data:  



Output quantity: 

repeats input data in distribution  
mode, or combined data of 2 inputs         
in combining mode.

2 groups (A and B), 4 channels in
each group. Each channel has 2 
interfaces (RS-232 and RS-422/485)



Operating modes:

Combiner: combined data from inputs A and B
is transmitted to output groups A and B
Independent: data from input A transmit  to output
group A, data from input B is transmitted
to output group B
Distributor: data from current  active channel (A or B)
is transmitted to output groups A and B
combined data from inputs A and B is
transmitted to output group A, data from
input B is transmitted to output group B





 General Characteristics:
Power voltage:12..24 VDC
Overall dimensions:244x144x55


     Type approval certificate of
     Russian Maritime Register
     of Shipping