ADU - 102 amplifier - distribution unit

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Main Feautures:

Device ADU-102 is used to amplify and also to duplicate
signal NMEA 0183 versions 1 and 2 to several receivers.

Also ADU-102 can be used for other signals transmitted
through interfaces RS-232 and RS-422/485 amplification
and distribution.

Particularities: device's small weight and small overall


Technical Description:

  • 2 inputs with active channel automatic
    or manual selection.
  • Optoisolated inputs(up to 1000 V)
  • 7 outputs (4 are galvanic isolated)
  • Baudrate: up to 56 000 bps
  • Output for the active input channel indication.
  • Data receiving/transmittion and current
    active channel indication.

Input Ports. Description:


Input signals:


up to 56000 bps
NMEA 0183
versions 1 and 2,
Furuno CIF, RS-422, RS-232

Optisolated (up to 1000 V) Channels: 2, with manual or automatic selection

Channel 1 (channel 2 if channel 1 fails)


General Features:


Input voltage:
Working temperature:
Storage temperature:
Overall dimensions:
  10..30 VDC

Output Ports´ Description:

Output data: Repeats input data

Baudrate: Identical to input´s baudrate

Electrical: Single 5V drive (NMEA 0183 version 1);
differential drive RS-422 (NMEA 0183 version 2)

Ports: 7 (4 of witch are isolated)

Output to indicate Channel # 1 failure.
Output to indicate power-on.

LEDs on PCB to indicate power on, data transmission
and receiving, current active input channel.



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